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Media Development


Media is believe to be the fourth arm of the government and considered to be at the core of any democratic and peaceful societies across the globe. Under UN Sustainable Development Goal 16, access to information is consider essential in achieving all the global goals. AMALNA South Sudan in response to this UN sustainable development goal help people access accurate and reliable information using media tools. All our projects involve the production of media content as a tool to provide reliable information.

Why Use Media

The core aspect of the organization is to use media and communication to inform, connect, empower and influence policy change in South Sudan. We work closely with media institutions, and civil society partners to provide reliable information to hard to reach vulnerable communities and to promote access to information.

Media and communication help people stand for their rights and make their leaders answerable to them; understand the importance of peaceful co-existence, protect and manage their environment, reduce poverty, improve health and save lives. The provision of such information defends on existence of professional media personnel and enhanced skills to perform their tasks professionally.

We therefore work with talented, experience team in production of our content used to engage communities through media. The strategic planning process carefully considered the history of media in South Sudan and observed that this sector is in its nascent stage of development. The necessity for media development and collaboration among media organizations therefore cannot be overemphasized.

AMALNA will continue to collaborate with media partners and other stakeholders to influence behavior change and engage with millions of the vulnerable people through media. We are committed to promote a common agenda for national action by adopting a training program and mobilize the media practitioners through willing alliances, networks and other platforms. 

During the plan, AMALNA will consider approaches such as partnerships, research and development of media content suitable and viable for the growth of the media sector in the country. Empower the capacity of media practitioners to professional perform their work and advocate for their rights and protection.

Who We Are

We provide Edutainment, Communication and Information to empower the youth and Citizenry.

Our Location

Plot 149, Block B, 3rd class, Hai Mangateen Residential Area, Opposite IOM Offices, Juba, Republic of South Sudan
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